Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why does 'thirty' sound so much cuter than 'thirty-one'?

So do I have to change the name of my blog now that I'm 30+1??? Does the word thirty-one have the hyphen I keep putting in it? I always messed that up when I had to write articles in college. No one makes a fuss about 31. Thirty is iconic. Thirty makes you question where you are in life, what you want, who you are. Thirty seems to be a big turning point for women, the start of a new decade- the make or break decade if you haven't yet given birth. The birthday itself is big! People are happy for you! For some women its a bit tragic. They resist this new decade. Some of these women have really a mean cousin who, only two years shy of 30 herself, buy them things like denture glue and Depends on their thirtieth birthdays! Still there are balloons, the thirtieth birthday is seen as an event, a milestone!

So where does that leave 31 and its lack or presence of hyphen? By the way, it has a hyphen, I checked the dictionary. There are no 31 balloons. You are now "in your thirties." No one wants to know what you're doing for the "Big 3-1". I solved this by throwing myself a party. There are no big questions, no further need to define oneself. Oh great, that must mean that every thirty-one year old knows exactly who they are! Nope! Unfortunately not the truth, it's just that no one wants to ask the big questions anymore!

Well, let's make 31 iconic, as well as 32, 33... and so on and so forth. A woman's life shouldn't be dictated or defined by her age. I know that's cliche but I think it needs to be said. We may not be able to answer those big, self-defining questions at 31, 32 or even 52. Too often we are told where we should be in life- we should have a job, a husband, a house, a kid, a budget. We start to think that we are deficient in some way if we are not doing what society seems to think is important. We should read online publications, do yoga, give up sugar and white bread, have at least 3 idevices, eat fat free Greek yogurt. But even those presumptions are not clearly defined for today's thirty-something. At least there was a show to define things in the 80s ("Thirtysomething.") For us, are we too old to like the Jersey Shore? Are we too young to watch Antiques Roadshow? What if we like both? We have to watch TV in secret for fear of one or the other being not age appropriate.

So, tell me... who is today's thritysomething????

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