Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back again!

Oh its amazing the things one will do instead of grading tests!!! I haven't touched my blog since August!! I've been busy! Molly came into our lives and a big chunk of my summer was taken up with making hourly trips to the yard!! Lame excuse- I totally still could have been blogging!

So since I last wrote, we have officially adopted Molly. She is a mix of a black lab and a plott hound. She was born on St. Patrick's Day 2009- hence her Irish name!! She is the sweetest little (not so little anymore- 45lbs and growing!) thing on the earth. She has such a gentle and loving personality. We can't believe how quickly we have become attached to her. Ok- so it was not lost on me that my need for a dog has a bit to do with my biological clock.

Having the dog has increased my activity level... slightly. I do go on more walks (when it is not raining- while Molly comes from two strong, hunting breeds, my little princess does NOT like the rain!) but I now have a new excuse not to go to the gym "have to get home to the dog!!" I have, however, been a member of Weight Watchers for 10 weeks. If I had been minding my ps and qs I'm sure I would have lost more than 5 lbs. But hey- this is the longest I've ever kept going to the meetings!! It really helps that I'm going with my mom. When she told me that she wanted to go back to Weight Watchers and maybe I wanted to go with her, it was her gentle way of telling me I needed to lose weight! Knowing that she is counting on me to take her to the meetings helps me to stick to it. Now by stick to it, I mean show up and get weighed. It would be great if I also meant counting my points and staying within them.. oh well, all in good time!!

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