Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blowing the dust off the old blog

Well, it's summer again and I need to feel productive while I sit on my porch procrastinating about packing!!! I can't believe I've slacked on this blog so much!!
A lot has changed since last summer when I started the blog. For one, I'm no longer thirty, but I'll keep the name the same!!! I am happy to announce that with the help of Weight Watchers and the gym I have lost 10 lbs!! Yes, that's right all you mathematicians, that's a pound a month! Hey- its better than gaining and its certainly enough to make all of my summer clothes too big!! I clearly didn't care enough about my appearance last summer as all of my clothing seems to gravitate towards a sort of female construction worker theme. Well, baby, I'm unearthing my college tank tops and living it up with my 10 little pound loss!!

Also happy to report that the Puppy Experiment has worked wonderfully. Molly is here, strong, healthy, and the love of our lives. She is such an awesome pup!! We've realized the importance of exercise and have been taking her to the dog park regularly. We are now totally a part of the dog park community and I continue to correct people who don't follow dog park rules! She was nice enough to help me clean out my school bag and ate an ez grader, pay stubb and kohl's coupon. Oh well, had to go to Nordstrom instead!!! She may or may not be eating a pool toy at the moment, but she's quiet!

We continue to be busy homeowners. We survived a basement full of water and I actually painted a porch- both with a lot of grumbling and complaining!! I keep waiting for someone to tell me that there is a point when everything is done. Nope, guess that doesn't happen. With a black dog and a black cat, there is a constant layer of black fur all over the house!! Oh well, if you come over, wear black pants!!! No summer white pants (which I bought a pair of for Vegas where nothing is inappropriate!! hehe) here!!

Ok, I'm re-commited to the blog! I now have a fancy phone and can add to it every day! I need to keep the creative juices flowing, write my novel, turn it into a movie, make lots of dough and retire at 45! Hey, who says I don't plan!
Please feel free to comment and let me know you're reading, that will keep me motivated!

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