Saturday, August 7, 2010

Facebook's fault???

No excuse. I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't kept up the blog like I said I would. I'd like to think I probably have had some interesting things to say over the last two months. I can't use work as an excuse! Why was I able to do it in Spain??? I blogged every single night! Oh, now I remember. I wasn't on Facebook! I love coming up with my little one line status updates! Now I just need to expand those into a post! I should really post before I allow myself to fall into the mindless occupation of looking at people's boyfriends/girlfriends and wondering what their children would look like! I could probably wait a half hour before finding out that a girl I never spoke to in high school is no longer in a relationship (but, c'mon, admit it, sometimes that is really exciting!) Well, I'm vowing to live with no regrets. I'm writing now, today, that is what is important.

So speaking of blaming Facebook, I was recently told that 30% of marriages have ended due to Facebook!?!? Is Facebook the enemy here or is it just a new avenue for cheating? Why did marriages end before Facebook? Beer? I'm still not sure how to take this statistic. It's understandable. You're sitting there all cozied up with your laptop, just you and your entire social network. The things going on around you in the "real world" somehow fade off into the distance. There they are, that old flame, smiling up at you- maybe a suggestion from another page- you click on, just out of innocent curiosity. Twenty minutes later you now know everything they've been doing and that they are recently out of a relationship! Now this can go one of two ways. You can be motivated to post really attractive pictures of yourself and go the "eat your heart out sucka!" route. Before anyone assumes that I'm making some big confession or speaking from personal experience- know that this is the route I take! I'm a big fan of "eat your heart out" and have been known to say it loudly after saying "Yes, I am this hot and happily married" in various drinking establishments. My husband need not worry. I enjoy seeing how poorly the men of Facebook have aged while he, 8 years my senior, seems to get younger and better looking every day. I know that just sounds sweet and all, but seriously, the guy might be the real-life Benjamin Button!!!

The other route seems to be the temptation in to which 30% of married people are apparently giving. I'd be interested to talk to these people. Are they thinking this is the second chance with the one that got away? Are they thinking that fate, and not Mark Zuckerberg, brought them together? Are they just horny and drinking wine while Facebooking and this leads to no good?!?? I'd be interested to see the lifetime movie that is inevitably in the works based on a Facebook affair. I'd also like to see how these relationships turn out in like 5 years. I'd like to do some sort of social study. I could be nosey in the name of anthropology!!!

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